As Mukesh Ambani build Jio from his decades-long understanding of India’s low-cost bargain-hungry consumers, amidst all the moves, getting it right is key because Reliance now casts itself as a technology and retail company. Its start was from textiles into petrochemicals and oil refining.

Worldwide Internet may soon become a reality!

There are millions on the earth with limited access to quality internet. Low-Earth orbit satellite-based internet technologies, like Elon Musk’s Starlink, can be the game changer that can connect everyone, especially after the recent pandemic raised needs to get everyone connected!

A level playing field, in short, is imperative for all media.

Following calls for laws that hold social media platforms accountable for user content posted on their platform, Section 230 in the US, that created the base for the modern internet, may be repealed or amended. And it will change the internet, forever!

Since early 2020, OTT subscriptions have risen, thanks to COVID-19

Netflix aims to reach 100 MM subscribers in India alone. In order to get there, a lot more than FREE WEEKENDS is required!

Preparations beyond only setting up logistics are needed to ensure on-time availability of the vaccine!

With a large number of COVID19 vaccines in Phase II or III of clinical trials, it’s a race against time for the world to scale supply chains and implement policies to ensure vaccines availability!

Despite the takeover, it may be a good 4–6 months before see the airline take off again!

While market sentiments continued to remain positive and stocks locked on the upper circuit for 13 straight days, it’s a long road ahead for Murari Lal Jalan and Kalrock Capital, before Jet Airways takes off again!

As companies rush in to use AI, it is causing hiccups to law agencies around the world!

While synthetic content — videos, text, even audio content, may still be in it’s early, but make no mistake, it’s coming! And with increasing use of synthetic content, comes the issues of privacy, manipulation, and security!

COVID-19 has forced restaurants to innovate beyond measure to ensure guest safety!

People are increasingly becoming frustrated with the pandemic, itching every single day to go back to their favorite restaurant and eat that favorite dish! While some have, other trudge cautiously!

With the end of the pandemic no where in sight, the struggles are only beginning!

Even with passenger count, aircraft load factor and aircraft utilization increasing every month, airline companies across the globe may be in survival mode for the next few years!

Globally, this year saw an unprecedented amount of time we spent on our phones, due to the COVID lockdowns!

Be honest with yourself, it’s hard to resist the urge not to open social media and stop spending our attention on things that make us anxious!

Doomscrolling causes our anxiety levels to rise! Image: Right As Rain by UW Medicine

Vaibhav Agarwal

Analytics Leader | Love Writing | Foodie | Travel Enthusiast | Plane Spotter

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